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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 15: 2022 Highlights.

This special end-of-year episode perfectly showcases the types of people and organisations we speak to on a weekly basis. By subscribing to the podcast, you will build up a picture of what is hot and happening in Cambridge, the UK’s leading Tech Cluster.

The podcast is vital listening for business leaders, tech startups, angel investors and venture capital, local and national government, academia, students, and frankly anyone interested in hearing from the people and companies that are creating world-changing technology & innovation within Cambridge.

In this highlights episode you’ll hear from:

Scott White, CEO of PragmatIC who was our debut guest back in October. Scott is a 6-time entrepreneur and a great example of what happens in successful clusters — serial entrepreneurs mentor and invest back into the local ecosystem & create new companies and new opportunities. Pragmatic is a great example of the ‘deep tech’ which you find in Cambridge. Not only have they created the IP and the product, but they are now also building silicon foundries. Scott was bullish on the UK’s ability to innovate but warned we need to do more around high-tech manufacturing.

We met another Deep Tech founder in episode #6. Tong Zhu, CEO of Porotech has developed a new class of Gallium Nitride materials for the next-generation Micro-LED display industry, plus many other applications. We loved his drive and ambition to become Cambridge’s next Unicorn.

We have begun to introduce you to some of the many organisations that support the local tech ecosystem in Cambridge, and bring new opportunities into the City. Rebecca Bekkenutte from Locate Cambridge who advocates for Cambridge internationally as a destination for global high-tech firms shared how Cambridge is perceived.

In episode #7 we met the local life science fund and accelerator, Start Codon. COO Dan Rooke shared his insights from working with multiple teams and described what makes Start Codon’s approach special.

Right from the off, it has been clear the University of Cambridge plays a pivotal role in the Cambridge Tech Cluster.

It’s home to many of the founders & their ideas, provides support and capital, and is intertwined with innovation activity across the city. It is no surprise that many episodes mention the University, and already four episodes have been fully dedicated to student and institute activities.

We have to begin with our fascinating conversation with Tim Minshall the Dr John C Taylor Professor of Innovation & Head of the Institute for Manufacturing. We covered so much ground, and Tim gave the city a powerful rallying cry.

We have also discovered many early-stage student-led companies with super-innovative ideas. We have loved visiting the colleges to meet them in person, to hear the passion in their innovations — many of which have a notable objective of sustainability or tech for good, and we look forward to doing even more in 2023.

Looking back, in Episode #3 we met the finalists at Homerton College Changemakers Seed Day, Episode #4 was Molly Haugan, one of the 2021 winners of The Trinity Bradfield Prize, and episode #9 covered The Chris Abell PostDoc Business Plan competition.

What do all these episodes have in common? They are all examples of the encouragement and nurturing of entrepreneurship at The University, which directly feeds the development of the cluster, keeping Cambridge at the forefront of tech and life sciences.

To listen and subscribe, search for ‘Cambridge Tech Podcast’ on your favourite podcasting platform or visit


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