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Show Notes 69: Intraprenuership at Marshall FutureWorx

Kieren Paterson started his career in 1998 at significant Cambridge employer Marshall majoring in engineer and technology and working with major #aerospace companies. He then moved into management within the business, and then, as part of company’s constant innovation, the idea of FutureWorx was born and Kieren found himself there.

FutureWorx looks at the Horizon Three (10+year) space and aims to identify opportunities early and then look at ideas that have the possibility of solutions created to fill the gap. If the idea is successful, it could then be spun out of, or back-in to the business ticking both the Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship boxes.

Their first product is LilyPad – a permanently deployed system of UAVs located on offshore wind farms.

Kieren talks to us about how they work with the entrepreneurial community, manufacturing companies, and the larger corporations who would be interested in the R&D at FutureWorx. It’s a really great story of a way of building new businesses within an established company.

Tune in for a great story of a large company that goes through transformation to keep relevant in a very competitive space.


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Episode 69 - Intraprenuership at Marshall FutureWorx
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