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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 17: Cambridge CleanTech startups pitch for investment.

In this episode, Martin Garratt, CEO of Cambridge CleanTech, introduces listeners to Cambridge Cleantech, the CleanTech sector, and the upcoming CleanTech Venture Day in London, which is the meeting place for Cleantech Companies, Investors, and Corporates.

Following Martin, we talk with the founders of the two Cambridge CleanTech startups that have made it through the final at the CleanTech Venture Day. More on that below.

First, we talk to Sean Moroney of Cambridge Electric Transport who improve city accessibility for individuals and last-mile delivery, and are developing their innovative Citipod urban transport solution. As a side note, Cambridge Electric Transport has partnered with Cambridge Science Park to help reduce car journies for people working on the campus.

We then we move on to speak with Andrew Terentjev of Cambridge Smart Plastics who are addressing plastic recycling problems by replacing existing barriers & liners with natural polymers like cellulose. Andrew shares their origin story, their bootstrapping approach, and their challenges transitioning from lab to startup to adoption.

Good luck to Sean and Andrew!

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