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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 24: Lots of ‘big steps’, to a £28m sale

An unusual journey to CEO – lessons learnt and insight from Andrea De Luca, CEO and Co-Founder of FLUSSO LIMITED. Flusso is a fabless semiconductor company, spun-out from the University of Cambridge, developing flow sensing solutions for use in low-cost, high-volume applications.

After a lunch in Browns with Florin Udrea and Prof Julian Gardner in 2015, Andrea took on the role of CEO. The company went from ‘nothing’, then through a mix of research, IP transfer, government grants, and support from Cambridge Enterprise, the first office (11m sqaure!) and hires came in Q4 2017.

Andrea shares the different steps of the company’s evolution over seven years and explains the non-linear company growth and the lessons learnt along the way – including the reality of managing risk, and the importance of creating something that has a meaningful impact on people and environment.

Note this episode was recorded prior to the acquirer being announced publicly.

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