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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 3: Five students on a mission

Crikey, we’ve got a special edition already. On Friday we were at Homerton College with the Homerton Changemakers Programme. 5 students had received some initial funding, and one was about to be presented with the Ivan Baines Prize.

We hear about the programme, the supporters and the five students.

The programme is introduced by Dr Alison Wood FRSA and Dr Soraya Jones.

At the end of the presentation Pooya Kamvari (HomeRun App - alumnus of Homerton College) shares why he’s a mentor and Rupert Baines (Codasip) introduces the Ivan Baines Prize and announces the winner.

If anyone would like to help any of these very early-stage concepts, please let us know and we’ll be happy to connect you.

Learn more about her experience of applying and winning last year's prize and how to enter this year's competition which is now open.

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