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Show Notes 64: Using robots for mental wellbeing in a Cambridge Consultants collaboration

Our two guests this week are Michelle Lim, Behavioural Scientist at Cambridge Consultants and Micol Spitale, Post Doctoral Researcher at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Computer Science and Technology investigating robotics.

A collaboration between academia and business, the duo has collaborated on using technology to address one of the biggest challenges in society – in this instance using a robotic coach to focus on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Would a robot supplement practitioners in supporting good mental health of our employees?

Should technology be used as a preventative measure? How do you handle confidentiality?

We talk about how robotics can be used in future immersive experiences in healthcare and beyond and consider whether the models that are being created are fair, unbiased and ethical.

Tune in to find out more about this exciting project, and the potential for robotics in our everyday life.

Connect Health Tech Award

In this week’s news, we feature Mazda, Secondmind, 1Spatial, and Luminance. Last, but not least, we also share news of our first award for the podcast! Huge thanks to the Connect Health Tech community for their support and recognition. We are very thankful and humbled!

Please go check them out and get involved.

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