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Show Notes 70: Bek Simmons, COO of quantum company, Riverlane

Epidemiologist to business leader. A pack of crisps and a diet coke, and next thing this episode’s guest is COO of Quantum Computing company Riverlane.

Of course, we talk about Quantum, and the huge potential and reality of what we can expect. But we also have a great conversation about:

  • availing yourself of the tech ecosystem in Cambridge – ‘the best place in the world’ to start a world-changing business

  • being a tech COO – from buying the milk, to negotiating contracts

  • setting up a new business –risk, change, lack of sleep – not for the light-hearted, and the importance of paying back

  • building a culture and the importance of Internal Communications – helping scientists and engineers flourish (including a deep snack jar)

Bek calls for more women to get involved in the DeepTech space, but for Bek, the ‘class’ conversation is also critically important. A non-privileged upbringing taught her never to take things for granted, gave her a super-power of being able to talk to people from all backgrounds, and allows her now, not to succumb to Imposter Syndrome.

This weeks Cambridge Tech News in partnership with Business Weekly includes Trinity Bradfield Prize, #21toWatch, Forefront RF, Amadeus Capital Partners, Alchera Technologies, RoboK, Cledara and coverage of CES in Las Vegas.


Episode 70 - Bek Simmons, COO Riverlane
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