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Kao Data becomes new supporter of Cambridge Tech Podcast

Cambridge Tech Podcast welcomes Kao Data as the latest supporter of the popular tech talk show.

Kao Data develops and operates sustainable and energy-efficient data centres for advanced computing. Its 100% renewably powered data centres support the mission-critical workloads of life sciences, biotech and AI startups in Cambridge.

Kao Data aligns perfectly with Cambridge Tech Podcast. Leading the charge in new technology adoption, Kao Data is continually engineering its data centres for greater sustainability to support the hotbed of data-intensive supercomputing and AI companies in Cambridge.

Covering all things tech and sharing the latest innovators and innovations is what Cambridge Tech Podcast does through high-profile guests, lively debate and exclusive news.

VP of Marketing at Kao Data, Adam Nethersole, commented:

“We’re delighted to continue supporting the Cambridge ecosystem and building new connections through Cambridge Tech Podcast. At Kao Data, we pride ourselves on achieving technology firsts in the pursuit of delivering world-class data centres for a range of customers in Cambridge and beyond. Our infrastructure provides the platform for organisations big and small to deploy advanced computing while reducing their digital carbon footprints.”

Co-host of Cambridge Tech Podcast, James Parton, said:

“This month we celebrated six months of publishing the podcast to an ever-expanding global audience. Welcoming Kao Data as our fifth supporter makes that anniversary extra special, and we thank Kao Data and all our advertisers for helping to support the Cambridge ecosystem, and make the show possible."

Tune in to upcoming podcast episodes to find out more about how Kao Data can help data-driven organisations across the Cambridge ecosystem.

To learn how you can become a supporter of the show, get in touch.


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