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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 22: Adding oomph with female founded EV-charging startup

This week we meet Morag Hutcheon, CEO of oomph. Morag shares her very personal story of founding oomph in the middle of a personal crisis, and lockdown.

We hear about her career in design, the barriers for her entering engineering, a decision about becoming a golf pro, and how she found her voice through personal adversity.

We then move onto oomph. The origins of the idea - the EV equivalent of a jerry can. It's clear that Morag has spent considerable time assessing the market and understanding the users needs leading to multiple use cases - 63% of people do not have a driveway, car delivery, fleet management, waiting for home installation of chargers. Delivered as a service, rather than selling the charging units direct to consumer.

Faster than most public charging infrastructure and without the capital cost and disruption of installing fixed charging points, the future looks bright, and explains the interest oomph is generating from investors and partners.

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We then discuss Morag's thinking towards partnerships, which will be critical to their go to market strategy, and what this year looks like for the business.

Finally congrats to Purrmetrix,, Ripplexn who all progressed from the regional finals of TechNation's Rising Stars program to the national finals.

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