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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 30: From no phones to 500million phones, with FocalPoint Position

From a PhD, to the defence sector, and being labelled by Top Gear Magazines as the real-life Q from James Bond!.

Ramsey Farragher, Founder and CTO of FocalPoint Positioning shares his journey of identifying the deep tech and solving the challenge of improving GPS.

FocalPoint licenses IP to a very small number of very high-value customers, and Ramsey shares how their go-to-market was influenced by Cambridge tech stalwarts ARM. and like John Doherty at Orca Scan in episode 28, how an open dialogue with customers delivers the ultimate secret sauce.

Ramsey challenges the audience to see FocalPoint as one to watch – “our biggest deal is just ahead of us – watch this space” and how the opportunity is from ‘no phones to 500 million phones’. Having closed a Series C, his investors are backing him, and we think you will too.

In this week's news, brought to you by Business Weekly, we cover Forefront RF,, Opto Biosystems, University of Cambridge, TTP, IQGeo, Featurespace, and Luminance.

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