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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 34: Building a hydrogen powered flying 5G cell tower

This week for have a great example of a Cambridge start-up solving a difficult problem. Neal Unitt-Jones from Stratospheric Platforms joins Faye and James to explain how they are solving national access to 5G.

We all know that the reality is that we don’t have 95% coverage using our mobile devices, and that ubiquitous coverage simply doesn’t exist. Not to mention half of the population of the world that has zero access. This company is intending to solve both issues by replacing a typical infrastructure build.

They are working on a “flying 5G cell tower” - an unmanned aerial vehicle powered by hydrogen that can stay airborne for 6 days at a time.

Stratospheric Platforms are solving the design and manufacturing of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), the operation of a “UAV airline”, scheduling software to ensure continuous 24/7 geographic coverage, and integration of the 5G radio to ensure seamless user experience for mobile phone users. No mean feat!

Really interesting conversation, and some good myth busting on different types of communications systems, as well as a quick lesson on UAVs, raising huge funds, and being a ‘rev2 founder’. Let us know what you think as this isn’t a typical tech company coming out of Cambridge.

In this week’s news brought to you by Business Weekly, we feature: Arm, SoftBank, Paragraf, Cambridge Tech Week, and Cardea Bio.

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