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Show Notes 37: From a love of science to a partner of globally significant VC

Amadeus Capital is a highly respected Venture Capital firm with $1bn assets under management. In this episode, we are joined by Amelia Armour, Partner in the early-stage fund, which represents seed-stage, deeptech companies, the majority of which are in the UK.

Of course, many investments are spinouts of the University of Cambridge and other Universities within the UK, but interestingly investments are not just from university departments. Amadeus also backs repeat entrepreneurs and people from industry that have identified a need in the market and have set up businesses to fill that gap.

Four of the companies in their current portfolio include Paragraf, Riverlane, NuQuantum, and Helix, and Amelia shares information about each of them.

In an informative discussion, Amelia talks us through how they identify investments, what technologies are getting the team excited, the tips she offers to entrepreneurs, and what more needs to be done to support our innovation ecosystem.

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