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Show Notes 83: #CKD with Tom Collings of Kalium Health

Founding CEO Tom Collings talks to us about Kalium Health and managing kidney disease.

Did you know that 800 million people are affected by kidney disease around the world, costing $2 billion to manage kidney disease in US alone?

Tom talks to us about:

  • His background as an engineer, to helping startups, to building a company

  • Founding the company with three amazing women – Fiona Karet, Tanya Hutter, Liz Norgett

  • His tips to ‘just do it, life is too short to watch for the side lines’ and bringing others along on the journey

  • Following Andy Richards well-known narrative that “Cambridge is a low-risk place to do high risk things”

  • Manufacturing in Cambridge at prototype scale to get the product into the hands of clinics and clinical services, launching initially in the US

  • Initial funding from Cambridge investors – Cambridge Angels, Martlet Capital – any timely opportunities for new professional investors during 2024

  • We talk about medical insight and scientific innovation from an original idea to clinical trials.

Tom shares with us what they are working on at Kalium Health, the solution(s) they are developing, and how it helps patients to make effective decisions and changes, by accessing their own real-time health data.

Tom likens being in the Cambridge ecosystem to “It takes a village to raise a child” citing support from Cambridge Judge Business School, Babraham Research Park, cofinitive as part of Kalium Health’s growth journey.

One of Tom’s final comments is the gap that exists within Cambridge - how timely to have one of our regular charity ads from Abbey People included.

In this week's Tech News we have  Luminance and Sparxell, plus these upcoming events:

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