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Show Notes 39: Tech Monitor’s Matt Gooding shares his thoughts on the UK’s tech landscape

Rather than writing about the news, this week’s guest, Matt Gooding, editor at Tech Monitor talks to us about how tech cuts across everything in society.

He kicks off with the potential for AI and the difference between hype and real revolution - how many of the roles today will evolve into more value-added tasks, and what role regulation has to play to make sure the checks and balances are in place.

We finally get someone to share an opinion on the Tech Nation changes and move to Barclays Eagle Labs. We hear how the government has dropped the ball on the semiconductor industry and how we need to take our place in the global ecosystem (the report was published after recording and Matt’s latest views of the report can be seen on the Tech Monitor channels).

And he discusses the UK’s strengths in the Quantum Computing space where smaller companies, especially our Cambridge startups, can make a difference as we move from science projects to securing business contracts.

This weeks news from Business Weekly features IQ Capital and Quantinuum.

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