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Show Notes 41: Ben Woodington from Opto Biosystems

This week’s guest is Ben Woodington from Opto Biosystems. They are developing a new generation of neurological interfaces that can read electrical information inside your body.

Ben tells us about making very small interfaces, well-tolerated in the body, and applying it to one of humankind’s most significant health issues - cancer.

It is always so exciting to talk to very early-stage innovators – their passion is so evident and Opto has the makings of being a very important company in the bioelectronics space. We also discuss how leveraging the Cambridge ecosystem works, but thinking scale and globally from the outset.

This week's news from Business Weekly features Biofidelity, Mimicrete, Rakon, and Cambridge GaN Devices.

Tune in next week for a special interview with Dr Hermann Hauser.

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