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Show Notes 45: Changing EdTech with sAInaptic

If you look at the EdTech space, the market is awash with solutions that are simple in nature, often lacking the power of ‘tech’.

But sAInaptic is doing something very different. They have an AI-based web-app that auto-marks descriptive answers in science and provides instant teacher-like feedback. The feedback includes a predictive score and qualitative information on correct and missed concepts and provides actionable insights to teachers releasing them from hours of marking.

Telling us more about the marking accuracy that is on par with human marking, are co-founders Rajeshwari Iyer and Kavitha Ravindran.

They tell us about their mission to bring accessible, personalised learning to everyone, how they are democratising technology and how being alumna from the University of Cambridge has now introduced them to the vibrant Cambridge ecosystem.

We really enjoyed talking to these exceptional founders, who, along with their family and friends live and breathe sAInaptic as a result of a clear vision and ethos.

This week's Tech news features Weaver Labs, Darktrace, EY, Johnson Matthey, and IQGeo.

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