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Show Notes 46: Peter Cowley: Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and all-round good bloke

Many people, both locally and globally, will know this week’s guest, Peter Cowley, as an international angel investor, but here we dig deeper – much deeper.

With permission, we were very privileged to talk to Peter about his personal life – living with cancer, family bereavement, and removing the stigma of suicide. We also celebrate his recent marriage to Lis before talking about his career and the advice he openly shares.

Peter is a distinguished serial entrepreneur – from running a mobile discotheque when he was a student to a 40-year-old tech company owner with all the ups and downs you’d expect; as well as a portfolio of businesses from publishing and property.

He tells us how he stumbled into becoming an angel, with that first ‘exit’ with Martin Kleppman, that made it all possible. And shares some of the successes and failures likening angel investment to a ‘marriage contract you can’t break’.

Tune in for a unique insight into a remarkable man.

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