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Show Notes 54: Annual awards and three decades at Business Weekly with Tony Quested

This week, we have an insightful conversation with Tony Quested about the recent annual Business Weekly Awards, and about what being a journalist means in an environment where there is so much access to and pressure to deliver news.

Working with Tony and the team at Business Weekly newspaper is much more than receiving press releases – they have a unique role in opening doors and helping companies develop and grow. Tony shares his thoughts with us in this episode.

Now in their 33rd year, we look back at the legacy of Business of the Year companies and showcase some of the 2023 winners.

In this week’s news, CMR Surgical, an **exclusive** from Tony on Arm, and Immaterial.

ARM IPO'd on NASDAQ following weeks of speculation, and on that topic a reminder that former Sunday Times and London Evening Standard journalist James Ashton tells the ARM story in his new book "The Everything Blueprint: The Microchip Design that Changed the World" at The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge on October 11th. He will be joined at this event by Jamie Urquhart, one of Arm's co-founders and the company's former sales chief and chief operating officer, with an introduction and Q&A led by the Cambridge Independent's Mike Scialom.

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