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Show Notes 62: Tackling heart failure with Heartfelt Technologies

Heart failure is a chronic condition costing the NHS £2bn a year, and most hospitalisations are preventable. The challenge is that current systems (doctor visits, weight management, fitness devices, etc.) don’t work, especially with this demographic which is typically elderly and often doesn’t remember to do what the doctor requests of them.

So, wouldn’t it be great if those at risk could have a research nurse sitting in their room to monitor them for the risk of heart failure?

And that’s where Heartfelt Technologies comes in with their AI and non-invasive tracking system, which co-founders Shamus and Orianne talk to us about in this episode.

Following a conversation with a cardiologist, Shamus got out the felt tips and drew the solution, Orianne filed it, and that is how Heartfelt Technologies was born with the original prototype created from a bank of Raspberry Pi’s.

The system is simple to install and uses 3D imaging technology to identify and monitor the patient's feet at the edge, with Heartfelt Technologies doing the analysis and providing doctors with significantly more real-time data than ever before. And best of all, the patient doesn’t need to do anything which is critical for non-adherent patients.

And we find out from the co-founders their experience with setting up businesses, filing patents, clinical trials, fundraising, team building, awards, and much more.

In this week’s news, we feature Pragmatic and Nyobolt.

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