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Show Notes 71: Cambridge Angels and trend watching with Pam Garside

We’re delighted to have Pam Garside, chair of Cambridge Angels with us this week. Pam gives us an introduction to Cambridge Angels and their focus areas - DeepTech, AI, SpaceTech, DigitalHealth, HealthTech and BioTech.

Interestingly, members attract deals. Pam alone receives 2 decks a day. In total they see 1,000 deals per year, expertly triaged by deal sorcerer Emmi Nicholl. Interesting candidates are then offered the opportunity to pitch.

The members invest as individuals, not as a collective fund, and within the group – one investor will usually be a deal lead and may take a seat on the board. It’s a really engaging way of entrepreneurs funding entrepreneurs.

Some of their portfolio companies include: Paragraf, Arecor, Privitar, Abcam, Flusso, UnlikelyAI, Monument Therapeutics, Kalium Health, Qureight, Spotta.

Pam shares her priorities as chair of the Cambridge Angels ‘network’:

1. ‘Don’t screw it up’ in a difficult market environment

2. Add diversity (a challenge for the UK Investor Community)

3. Raise the profile of depth of expertise of members.

We learn about Pam’s unique background, and her journey into investing. And we talk about healthcare and how AI and automation is revolutionising the sector but requires caution – it’s not an area to ‘move fast and break things’ as Mark Zuckerberg advises!

In this week's Tech News we cover Quantinuum, VividQ and Frontier.


Episode 71 - Pam Garside
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