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Show Notes 72: Trinity Bradfield Prize

In this episode we hear from all eight finalists of The Trinity Bradfield Prize, with the live announcement of the three winners made by Sir Greg Winter at the end of the event.

The pitches covered a broad range of innovative ideas

  1. targeting T cell therapies for solid tumours (Alceus Bio)

  2. developing a next-generation platform for spectral imaging (ProSpectral)

  3. creating new class of biofilm inhibitors, providing an alternative to traditional antibiotic treatments (BioTryp Therapeutics)

  4. a first-in-class enabling technology for X-ray imaging at lower radiation doses than today's technology (Hayden Salway)

  5. creating software aimed at eradicating counterfeit/compromised, or environmentally unfriendly electronic hardware (Ethicronics)

  6. developing a fully automated point-of-care sepsis test in under an hour (Cambridge Nucleomics)

  7. an app where anyone can take a photo of their eye at home to help detect and monitor eye disease progression (AngioGenius)

  8. a novel sensor to tackle food waste (Compound Hound).

Will any of these be unicorns of the future?

In this week's Tech News we have The University of Cambridge, IQGeo, ARM, and Hutan Bio.


Episode 72 - Trinity Bradfield Prize
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