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Show Notes 74: The inner workings of a VC with Cian Hughes, Partner at Sure Valley Ventures

This week we talk to Cian Hughes, Partner at Sure Valley Ventures to find out about the inner workings of a VC – of course it’s about providing money to startups, but also about providing a platform to access other investors, partners, and experts. Investing predominantly at mid-seed stage, Sure Valley Ventures helps to identify gaps and fill them at acritical stage of development.

We talk about

  • the different between the tech ecosystem in Silicon valley to Cambridge

  • the importance of Universities in tech ecosystems – ideas and spinout

  • access to talent

  • a can-do mindset

  • access to customers

Cian showcases some of their portfolio companies including VividQ (see Aleksandra Pedraszewska in episode 53), whilst also giving a quick 101 on how to approach investors.

In this week's Tech News we have Eagle Labs, ideaSpace, #21toWatch, SkyTech Cambridge, Nordic Semiconductor, Riverlane, and the Impulse Programme.

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