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Show Notes 79: From radiotherapy to entrepreneur – Sheila Kissane, Boutros Bear

Boutros Bear is a company founded after an aggressive course of breast cancer where Founder and CEO, Sheila Kissane, saw first-hand a gap in her own treatment and care.

Boutros Bear delivers comprehensive rehabilitation programs, empowering individuals facing cancer, chronic pain, and mental health challenges.

This is a very personal and insightful conversation with someone who has taken an issue that affects many, understood it, and created something to improve health and wellness.

  • From civil engineering to a healthcare entrepreneur

  • An initial 12-week programme to an integrated #employeewellness platform

  • From blind naivety to raising initial capital and the move to Series A

  • Scoping what ‘tech’ meant in such a people centric programme (and how tech for healthcare / passive apps don’t necessarily have the benefit for the user)

  • 18-months of persistence to sign up the perfect partner

  • How to engage with corporates on #CorporateWellness #WorkplaceHealth

  • Scoping out the US market and being ‘in-pursuit- of sales

  • A pursuit of asking questions and flowing honesty!

In this week's Tech News we have ARM, Evonetix, Riverlane, Founders at the University of Cambridge, plus two upcoming events:

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