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Show Notes 80: The Good Robot with co-editor Kerry McInerney

What is good technology? Is 'good' technology even possible? And how can feminism help us work towards it? The Good Robot - Why Technology Needs Feminism addresses these crucial questions through the voices of leading feminist thinkers, activists and technologists, and co-editor Kerry McInerney tells us more about the book, its contributors, and carving her own way in the world of AI Ethics.

With such a huge amount of thought-provoking content in the book, we highlight four of the essays written by:

  • Blaise Aguera yArcas, Google Research, Cerebra - Good technology is cooperative

  • Margaret Mitchell, Hugging Face - Good technology is inclusive

  • Ranjit Singh, Data & Society - Good Technology is Slow (to Scale)

  • Kanta Dihal, Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence - Good technology needs good stories.


We talk about ideas and compromises of good tech and the tensions between if it is even possible to have good tech in the environments we live in, and the need to have technology ‘community-driven’.

In this week's Tech News we have TechNation, PolyAI, Riverlane, Superdielectrics, Cambridge Independent SciTechAwards, plus these upcoming events:

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