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Show Notes 82: Would I Sci to You?

Today we bring to you the ‘Would I Sci to You?’ event - the relevant but irreverent science panel show from Cambridge Science Centre!

QI’s Head Researcher, James Harkin; scientist entrepreneur and CEO of Start Codon, Jason Mellad; Youtube sensation, Holly Gabrielle; Sliced Bread host and science journalist, Greg Foot; Director of Science and Entrepreneurship at the Babraham Research Campus, Kathyrn Chapman; and renowned physicist, Isaac Newton face off against an array of science, research and other items that host Andrew Farrer directs at them.

After an intro from CamTechPod hosts Faye and James, we go straight into the event. There’s upset about the buzzers then we’re straight into primary school science – did you guess the answers?

‘Would I Iie to you?’ puts Kathryn and Holly under pressure; the Missing Words round included suggestions from Biden to babies, and so much more. So, sit back and enjoy a selection of clips from the event and see Cambridge SciTech in a very different way!

In this week's Tech News we have  Luminance and Sparxell, plus these upcoming events:

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