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Show Notes 53: Holographic display technology with VividQ

In this episode, we talk to VividQ COO and co-founder Aleksandra Pedraszewska.

Aleks talks to us about the six-year journey to date at VividQ, how there are five co-founders (Darran Milne, Tom Durrant, SJ Senanayake, Roman Pechhacker), and the natural evolution as the team continues to expand.

Aleks talks to us about how VividQ is leading the visual revolution of AR by integrating innovative and immersive holographic display technology into every conceivable consumer device.

Tune in for an open discussion about how a global team operates in such an exciting new technology area, while keeping their feet firmly on Cambridge soil. And the race is on between VividQ and Porotech as to who will be the next unicorn – let’s watch and see. Check out our interview with Porotech Founder & CEO Tong Tong Zhu in episode 5.

In the weeks news in partnership with Business Weekly. we cover two Quantum Computing stories featuring Riverlane and Quantinuum.

ARM IPO'd on NASDAQ following weeks of speculation, and on that topic a reminder that former Sunday Times and London Evening Standard journalist James Ashton tells the ARM story in his new book "The Everything Blueprint: The Microchip Design that Changed the World" at The Bradfield Centre, Cambridge on October 11th. He will be joined at this event by Jamie Urquhart, one of Arm's co-founders and the company's former sales chief and chief operating officer, with an introduction and Q&A led by the Cambridge Independent's Mike Scialom.

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