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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 28: Enabling large scale genetic testing with Sano Genetics

Medical research and precision medicine account for 8-10% of GDP, but there is a huge challenge designing therapies that are specific to the individual. With 7,000 rare genetic diseases, only a small number have treatment, and all this combined is a huge issue that needs addressing.

That’s where Sano Genetics comes in. Sano Genetics is building a software platform that helps pharma, biotechs, and academics deliver large scale end to end genetic testing from consent, engagement, testing and results.

Co-Founder Patrick Short talks us through Sano Genetics, the role of the platform and discusses how genetic testing will become available to everyone whilst being conscious of concerns over data privacy, control, and use.

Patrick also shares lessons from their passion of being ‘truth seeking’, building something that is important to people, insights into their funding journey, and how important it is to find people that understand you and your vision that will materially increase your chance of success.

In this weeks news brought to you by our media partner Business Weekly, Prashant Shah, o2h group promoting the Cambridge Wide Open Day on June 14th, CMR Surgical, Quixant, One Nucleus, Featurespace, the London Economics, report on the impact of The University of Cambridge, and plans for the redevelopment of Melbourn Science Park.

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