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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 33: Painting a picture of the Cambridge ecosystem

This episode is dedicated to helping people inside and outside of Cambridge to navigate the ecosystem. For a very small place, there is so much going on, and here at Cambridge Tech Podcast we’re looking to put together an independent directory of the ecosystem.

We’ll share with you the initial listing including:

  • The universities, networks, and special activities

  • The science parks, office spaces, and incubators

  • Investment and funding

  • The support ecosystem

In each area we provide some additional context – for example, the Andy Neely episode on the University of Cambridge; the work of Gary Packham at ARU; the upcoming deadline for the Business Weekly annual awards; endeavours to educate our future generations about STEM with Cambridge Launch Pad and Cambridge Science Centre; the impulse (Maxwell Centre) entrepreneurial programme and some of the exciting alumni emanating from such a programme like Echion Technologies, Xampla, Riverlane, and Tenyks; Cambridge Wireless and their conferences and Special Interest Groups (SIGs); and so much more!

Interestingly there are lots of references to previous and future podcasts which is a decent sanity check that what we’ve been covering is a good representation of the ecosystem.

Let us know what you think – Was this a useful episode? What else would help you navigate Cambridge? Who else should be on the list?

The full map can be found on the Cambridge Tech Podcast Ecosystem page and is also available as a PDF download. It will be updated quarterly. If you think you should be on the list, please contact us and let us know. We will endeavour to include people who are known in the ecosystem, but for the sake of disclosure, we are not specifically recommending these companies.

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