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Show Notes 35: Cambridge Tech Podcast Live! 40 Years of Cambridge Tech.

We did it – our first episode recorded with a live audience, part of the Cambridge Tech Week Fringe Festival, and we loved it!

The audience was elected as our new ambassadors, and the job was made even easier with our amazing panel –

We covered so much - How tech companies have changed; How Cambridge is more entrepreneurial now than ever before; How commercialisation is really hard; and, How many companies wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the magic sauce of Cambridge, especially with regard to first mover advantage. And that’s not even including questions from the audience.

So much was covered, that, to be honest, you just need to listen in!

Questions from Babita Devi, Daniel Dearing, Chris Ellis (who also asked the final question to the panel resulting from a bit of banter with Faye, you had to be there 😊), Steve Thompson , Zahra Jawad, and Jane Hutchins who asks a question that provides real context of the need for more to be done to bring equality in our local communities.

This episode was sponsored exclusively, with thanks, by Kao Data.

There is no news read this week, so for updates, please follow Business Weekly newspaper. For more info on the work of Kate Kirk & Charles Cotton, referenced in the introduction, visit

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