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Show Notes 42: In conversation with entrepreneur and venture capitalist, Hermann Hauser

This week, we have a landmark episode. Co-founder of Acorn Computers, ARM, Amadeus Capital, Hermann Hauser is real Cambridge Tech royalty. It was always going to be a wide-ranging conversation, and we discuss:

  • Was it all out war between Sinclair and Acorn Computers?

  • How Intel initially told Arm to ‘get lost’ and how the tables turn, with Intel now paying $10bn to invest in the Arm IPO

  • How Arm saved Apple from going bust

  • The number of things that began life with “we had absolutely no idea”

  • An investment portfolio including 7 unicorns and 2 decacorns (Arm and Illumina)

  • Shoutouts to two standout companies - Photonic, and Constructive Bio

  • The one nut Hermann would like to crack with AI

  • How “Cambridge has established itself as probably the #1 deep tech centre in Europe, if not the world”, but we can’t rest on our laurels.

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