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Show Notes 48: Turning an idea into a company with Muhunthan Thillai of Qureight

Last week it James was solo, this week it’s Faye on her own, talking to Muhunthan Thillai, CEO and co-founder of Qureight.

Qureight has been much in the news of late. They are a digital healthcare company focused on applying AI-enabled lung image analysis in the treatment of severe respiratory diseases, helping pharma companies to understand if their drugs work or not.

Muhunthan talks with Faye about the company and how it came about,

the jump to startup land (while still a practising physician), technology, funding, the recent announcement with Astra Zeneca, and a whole host of other things, including some great tips for entrepreneurs starting their journey, and a passion for family, and reading.

This week's Tech news features the UK Government’s new Semiconductor Advisory Panel featuring Arm, Pragmatic, Raspberry Pi, and Amadeus Capital Partners all of whom have featured on previous shows, Xaar and Pavegen.

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