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Show Notes 50: Gary Brotman talks SecondMind, being a CEO, and the move to Cambridge

After a first rainy visit to Cambridge, in 2019 Gary Brotman made the decision to move his family here to take on a great opportunity with a startup.

Gary joined as VP product and marketing and set straight to rebranding the company to SecondMind. He added discipline in product development and commercialisation, and a real sense of purpose, resulting in an opportunity to take on the role of CEO.

Gary talks to us about the move to the UK, navigating changes in direction, restructuring, funding and operating in and after a pandemic, plus so much more.

We also find out about how the Machine Learning company helps engineers in the automotive industry make better decisions (see report by analyst house Frost & Sullivan about the future of automotive product development, featuring Secondmind.

This week's Tech news features Arm, Quantinuum and the upcoming Business Weekly Awards.

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