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Show Notes 58: Doing business in China with Ting Zhang,

This week there have been fresh negative media stories about China, so it’s good timing to have Ting Zhang CEO of Crayfish with us on the podcast this week.

With over two decades of helping businesses succeed in China, Ting talks to us about Chinese culture and the Chinese economy, how to approach doing business with China (including how to protect and commercialise IP), and how things have changed over the last 20 years.

Ting also shares her journey that led her to Cambridge, being a founder, and the growth of the Chinese community in Cambridge.

In this week’s news, we feature Google, University of Cambridge, Public First, Xampla, ELEMIS, Pavegen, Business Weekly, Abcam, and Arm.

A reminder that we have released the new version of our Cambridge Ecosystem map. You can download the wall chart here.

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