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Show Notes 61: 2023 Chris Abell PostDoc Competition with Cambridge Enterprise

We’re back at the Chris Abell Post Doc Business Plan competition this week and to tell us all about the programme is Christine Martin at Cambridge Enterprise. (The 2022 competition was covered in Episode 9).

We then hear in quick succession (and random order) from the six finalists who each share details of their invention and some background to their journey and being part of the competition.

  • Mark E. Carrington (episode 20) of Oxonium Energy addresses green, scale, energy storage for anything from utilities to providing energy access solutions around the world where it's needed.

  • Abolfazal Mostaani, XinaTec design and fabricate microwave filters for the telecoms/satellite industry – to be faster, cheaper, and lighter, adding novelty to the industry. Elaheh Mostaani, George Crawley.

  • Ismail Sami introduces Mostli and the development of a next-generation storage solution with Lithium-sulfur batteries facilitating the net-zero transition. Zhuangnan Li, Manish Chhowalla.

  • We hear from Molly Haugen (episode 4) with Aetosense who are making low-cost monitoring of ultrafine particles accessible to all communities, buildings, and in public settings, moving from a concept to a prototype. Shaamrit Balendra, Akshay Kale, Lee Weller, Adam Boies.

  • Kamil Sokolowski talks to us about Semantics and their plans to develop unrivalled electron transfer technologies and solutions for sustainable energy conversion and storage >30 times cheaper than vanadium-based electrolytes. Oren A. Scherman, Jade A. McCune, and last bit never least,

  • Ahmed Elwaraky from K-STEM shares his work on stem cell transplantation using AI where patient can use their own stem cells by using single-cell omics. Elisa Laurenti, Ramy ElSayed.

Listen in to the end to find out from Christine who won the competition and see if you called it!

In this week’s news, we feature ARM, Amadeus Capital, Quantum Brilliance, Cambridge GaN Devices, and Agri-TEchE, One Nucleus, Cambridge Wireless and Cambridge Software Crafters.

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