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Show Notes 65: Space, Terrestrial, Marine – it’s all happening at CWIC23

This week we were delighted to be on-site at the Cambridge Wireless International Conference #CWIC2023 as the official podcast partner.

We open with Faye and James debating some of Paul Lee’s of Deloitte’s opening plenary comments.

Paul Crane introduces the conference ‘From the moon to the deep blue sea’.

Then we talk to Peter Kibutu of TTP ‘At Altitude’ about NTN; ‘Terrestrial’ with Nick Johnson of UKTIN; James Thomas of Jet Connectivity about MarineTech, and finally Ben Timmons of Qualcomm about Convergence.

Tune in for an interesting overview of the current cellular/mobile and wireless industry.

Featured in this weeks news: Pragmatic, Scott White, Cambridge Future Tech, Microchip Technology Inc, Cambridge Research Park, Evonetix, Analog Devices (ADI).

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