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Show Notes 89: Fixing the broken food chain with Miha Pipan, Better Origin

We don’t think anyone would disagree that it is a global imperative to tackle food waste and address the economic and environmental loss it causes. Let’s face it, people work hard to grow nutrients so why not turn waste into something more useful?

We talk with Miha Pipan, Co-founder and CEO of Better Origin about:

  • The size of the problem – food waste generates 4 Gigatons (Gt) of CO2 equivalent (CO2-eq) each year

  • The efficiency of using the #Black Soldier Fly, they produce a high quality source of 1:1 fat:protein

  • Creating sustainable feed from grain waste for chickens, fish, pets….

  • Better Origin’s X1 birth to automate insect farming on farms in the UK, and the growth to X2 the huge potential of the OriginX

  • Using #AI and #deeptech to make the X1 fully automated for farmers - it takes care of seeding, feeding, growth, and harvest

  • A partnership with Morrisons to create a carbon-neutral egg – the cost of which is an increase of pence, not pounds

  • A sustainable feed proposition that brings together performance, health and welfare

  • Changing minds and attitudes to alternative food sources

  • The start-up journey over the last 8-9 years, and how the bumps in the road make you more resilient.

In this week's Tech News we have Raspberry Pi, IQ Geo, Arm, Marshalls, Echion Technologies, Graphcore, Founders at the University of Cambridge, Dealroom, and Cambridge Tech Week.

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