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Show Notes 92: SMA with Cambridge Mechatronics Ben Brown

From an academic learning about commercialisation, to a career spanning 25 years working on novel technology, we were thrilled to talk to Ben Brown, CTO at Cambridge Mechatronics this week.

From colloids at the University of Cambridge, to ink at TTP, and jumping into the world’s best loud speaker development at Cambridge Mechatronics, Ben has much experience to share with our listeners.

Now with a focus on actuators, we learn about the magic of Shape Memory Alloy and how Cambridge Mechatronics have cornered that market globally with a list of patents that would rival Arm to Rolls Royce.

We talk to Ben about the company move from ‘hidden gem’ to a much more public profile, triggered by their first external funding round by Atlantic Bridge, Sony and Intel, and what that means to the business model and future portfolio.

Ben also shares useful lessons about building relationships in Japan, Taiwan and China, and the dynamics of doing business is the Far East.

We think you’ll agree that Cambridge Mechatronics is a great representation of a multi-disciplinary tech team of silicon, firmware, software, material scientists, physicists, and more. And with an expansion into new premises on Cambridge Science Park, and a new office in Copenhagen, they are certainly a tech company to watch.

In this week's Tech News we have Cambridge Wide Open Day, Tech Nation, Cofinitive.

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