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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 11: Using tech to help one of today’s largest societal issues

After falling in love with the startup world, CEO of Psyomics Stephanie Martlew continues her passion with #Psyomics as they help address the supply and demand issues with tackling mental health, using their #mentalhealthtech. One in four people have a mental health issue in each year, and in the UK alone 1.6m people are waiting for treatment – during this time their mental health is not improving.

Psyomics’ evidence-based tech was built from research spun out of the University of Cambridge, founded by Prof Sabine Bahn. They are now creating a digital analytics tool to improve outcomes and expedite treatment at the point of patient need and are working with the NHS and in particular with Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust (HPFT). By developing assessments in a more anonymous way the Censeo platform should also contribute to the destigmatising of mental health, here in the UK and on a global basis.

Tune in for this, and more on Steph’s role as a first-time CEO.

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