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Show Notes 44: All things Biotech at ONhelix with One Nucleus and Guests

In this episode we join One Nucleus as they hold their annual ONhelix

conference. One Nucleus CEO Tony Jones talks to us about their home on the Babraham Research Park, One Nucleus’s role and how answers to questions are one phone call away, and the week of activities during ONhelix.

We were excited to talk to another Cambridge scaling business Enhanc3D Genomics with CEO Debora Lucarelli, talking to us about the industry, their growth journey from the Babraham Institute and the Milner Institute, and how they are embracing technology to unlock the potential for therapeutic discovery. She said: “For a company that does Genomics, Cambridge is the place to be”.

Tony talked about the importance of the ecosystem and with this in mind, we also catch up with Parminder Lally, Partner at Appleyard Lees who discussed BioTech and MedTech innovation and collaboration. She talks about differences with life science businesses with regard to protecting their technological innovations and gives a really interesting perspective on how the industry has a responsibility to demystify and educate the public on the benefits of AI. 

We’re then joined by London-based Krzysztof Potempa, CEO at BRAINCURES who talks to us about biological intelligence and the Discovery Engine (BDE) Platform algorithms that can shorten the 12-year development life cycle by at least 4 years without the deep learning steps associated with typical AI techniques. 

And finally, Mike Ward, Global Head of Thought Leadership at Clarivate shares his thoughts on the global life science sector.

This week's Tech news features IQGeo, Quartix Technologies, RoboK, ARM and NVIDIA.

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