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Show Notes 59: Reinventing the electric motor with Dominic Vergine, Monumo

This episode we are joined by Dominic Vergine, CEO of Monumo who is now emerging from ‘stealth mode’ with a plan to reinvent the electric motor. The automotive market is challenged not to be the next Kodak, and the market is awash with new potential car manufacturers such as Apple, LG and Sony – all looking for something that will give an edge.

And that’s where Monumo comes in.

Based on experience gained from Arm, the plan is to have Monumo IP in every motor. To develop the technology, license it, and collect royalties –in Dominic’s own words, they’re selling the eggs, not the ‘golden goose’! Hear about Dominic’s career, the plans for Monumo, and how much ‘the network’ contributes to the success of a start-up.

In this week’s news, we feature Murray Edwards College, AstraZeneca, Raspberry Pi, and Business Weekly.

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