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Show Notes 60: Tackling the wealth gap in Cambridge

Whilst we have huge opportunities and wealth in Cambridge, there is a side of the city that is struggling. In fact, inequality in Cambridge holds the unforgivable moniker of being the most unequal city in the UK.

And that is a label that we want to actively start to eliminate.

In this episode, we are joined by a panel of speakers who will shed light on the issues and discuss how we can make a long-term impact.

Rachel Hales from Get Synergised is sparking connections and igniting change between businesses and the non-profit sector; Sarah Crick from the Red Hen Project supports families to raise happy independent kids in some of the most poverty-stricken parts of the city; and Steve Thompson of Form the Future links pupils in schools with future work opportunities and increases social mobility.

This is an eye-opening episode for very different reasons to normal, as it recognises the issues faced across the city, but then gives examples and solutions to start fixing the problem.

Tune in and find out how you can make the ‘S’ of ESG really count.

In this week’s news, we feature The Trinity Bradfield Prize, AI Safety Summit, ARM, zeroRISC, Cambridge Angels, NuQuantum, and Business Weekly.

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