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Cambridge Tech Podcast, Show Notes 26: The Quantum revolution – a global race to the top

Faye and James chat to Ilyas Khan, Founder of Cambridge Quantum and Chief Product Officer of Quantinuum. The conversation covers a range of topics starting with how Stephen Hawking led Ilyas on a mission to make quantum accessible and understandable resulting in a best selling book 'Quantum In Pictures' published in February 2023.

With country after country committing to a programme to commercialise and industrialise Quantum computing, no one wants to get left behind, and this Cambridge-born company has a huge part to play.

Ilyas talks about profound and significant uses of quantum in areas such as material/pharmaceutical discovery, cyber security and natural language processing that will make ChatGPT look like an abacus.

Tune in to hear about Quantinuum’s journey and its approach as a science-led, enterprise driven business, and how Ilyas steadfastly refused to be bought and his desire to demonstrate that Cambridge (and Britain) can produce a deep science company that can be a world-leader that doesn’t sell out or dilute its founders to an inequitable level.

In this week’s Tech News brought to you by Business Weekly, Darktrace posted 35.8 per cent revenue growth year-on-year, Foresight Group has made a multi-million pound equity investment into Cambrionix Limited, and Redgate Software is planning to open a string of additional offices across the United States.

ARM’s Japanese parent SoftBank has ended all speculation about the location of the Cambridge superchip architect’s multibillion dollar IPO by unveiling four Wall Street banks to lead the Nasdaq float.

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