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Show Notes 88: Showcase of the annual SciTechAwards

Launched in 2017, the Science and Technology Awards has become a key part of the Awards calendar for Cambridge.


Alumni include Biotech companies - CMR Surgical, Owlstone Medical,, and Tech companies – Pragmatic, Featurespace, C2-Ai.


With 16 categories there is something for everyone, but for this episode, we’re focusing on the more technology categories, where often multiple technologies are pitted against each other – no easy decision for the judges.


We highlight:


Technology Company of the Year, Sponsored by the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Anglia Ruskin University

  • Finalists: Pragmatic Semiconductor, Cambridge Mechatronics, Nu Quantum (Episode 77), Cellular Origins, Plextek, Secondmind (Episode 50)

  • Highly Commended: Pragmatic Semiconductor (Episode 1)

  • Winner: Cambridge Mechatronics (watch for a future episode).


Award for Innovation, Sponsored by Railpen

  • Finalists: Amphista Therapeutics, Paragraf (Episode 36), FlexEnable, Plextek, Cellular Origins,

  • Highly Commended: Cellular Origins

  • Winner: Plextek


Tech for Good Award, Sponsored by Allia Future Business Centre

  • Finalists: Supersense Technologies, Ethicronics (Episode 72), Vuala (Episode 72), Orca Scan, COG-Train from Wellcome Connecting Science and Wellcome Sanger Institute, electronRX

  • Highly Commended: COG-Train from Wellcome Connecting Science and Wellcome Sanger Institute

  • Winner: Orca Scan (Episode 27)


The One to Watch, Sponsored by cofinitive

  • Finalists: BugBiome, Forefront RF, Vector Bioscience Cambridge, Clock Bio, Supersense Technologies, Cambridge Nucleomics (Episode 72)

  • Highly Commended: BugBiome (Episode 78)

  • Winner: Forefront RF


Cleantech Company of the Year, Sponsored by Woodfines Solicitors

  • Finalists: Alchemie Technology, Polysolar, Advanced Infrastructure Technology, Hereworks, Vuala (Episode 72)

  • Highly Commended: Advanced Infrastructure Technology

  • Winner: Alchemie Technology


Software Company of the Year, Sponsored by Mantle Space

  • Finalists: Gearset, Advanced Infrastructure Technology, Hereworks, Optibrium, Orca Scan (Episode 27), IQGeo, Sano Genetics

  • Highly Commended: Sano Genetics (Episode 28)

  • Winner: Optibrium


AI Company of the Year, Sponsored by Appleyard Lees

  • Finalists: Secondmind, Enhanc3D Genomics, CardiaTec Biosciences, Lucida Medical Ltd, C2-Ai

  • Highly Commended: Secondmind (Episode 50)

  • Winner: Lucida Medical Ltd



Tune in to hear a full roster of innovative science and technology companies and individuals and hold until the end where we’ll also share details of the winners of the above categories. Information on all categories can be found on the Cambridge Independent website and social channels.

In this week's Tech News we have Raspberry Pi, IQ Geo, Arm, Martlet Capital, Cambridge Wide Open Day, Tech Nation, Cambridge Tech Week, The Bradfield Centre, London Tech Week.

To listen and subscribe, search for ‘Cambridge Tech Podcast’ on your favourite podcasting platform or visit


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